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Cover revealing and well a small announcement pertaining to the cover I am about to reveal.

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Hello, everyone, it's been awhile since I last posted on this site, but anyway, I thought I would grace everyone's presence with this...

The cover of my new book or in this case comic book.

Born Damned

which can be viewed on both Wattpad and Tapastic at this point in time



copyright by Jessica Reader(c)2016


And if you are wondering what this story is about?  well it is about a man named Hazael(haz) Davis, who was born with special gifts that he utilizes as a consultant and private detective  for both the living and the dead and sometimes a variety supernatural beings. Which eventually leads him down a rabbit hole, to find out, more about his mysterious past, which some might say is supernatural.




((The Trailer:TBA)))

Also if you are wondering or were about to ask, the answer is yes I did draw the cover of the book as well.


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