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Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman My Thoughts: Honestly when I started reading this book at the beginning, I thought it was a bit boring, and that’s technically saying a lot about Mr Gaiman’s work since his stuff to me is never boring,

But even though I will admit it was a bit boring at the beginning, as you read on it starts to get really interesting and just basically sucks you into the story,


When Richard Mayhew, a regular office worker a soon to be married man, runs into a young woman named Door, who claimed to be from a place called London below, who prior to meeting him was on the run from a bunch of thugs who killed her family for some Unknown reasons.

though on the day that Richard and Door meet, she is practically unconscious on the street covered in her own blood, which concerns Richard greatly and prompts him to help her but when he does, he has no idea what he is getting himself into.

Due to the fact that after he does help her, his engagement gets called off, and the thugs Mr. croup and Mr. Vandamar show up at his door step looking for door, which lands him on their next list of targets, not to mention he gets basically hooked into helping door once more in locating a friend known as the Marquis de Carabass, to double as her body guard for her.

And as Richard procures what she asks for, she then breaks even more bad news to him afterwards that because he helped her, no one in his daily life would remember that he ever existed, even if he tries to talk to them they would not remember it five minutes later, heck the next day his landlord even tries to rent his apartment out while Richard is still living in it, plus losing his cushy office job in the process.

anyway I would continue this review but then that means I would be ruining the book so if you want to find out about the rest just read Neverwhere:)

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