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Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 6

Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 6 - Kazuma Kondou, Jinsei Kataoka deadman wonderland is one of the most interesting manga that I have had the pleasure of reading so far.
this story is about Ganta igurashi a 14 year old boy who has had a run in with a being he called the red man. Who attacks him and his classmates which leaves Ganta as the sole survivor in the end, who tells them that he knows who the killer is but ends up falsely accused himself of doing the deed. Which lands him in a fully run maximum prison called dead man wonderland which was also open to the public as a carnavel tourist attraction.

in this volume
Ganta is thrown into the prison's hold, after being caught he refused to give up the whereabouts or the reason for his friends from the scar chain gang escaping, a week passes, and he is released and sent back to his cell. still reeling from the death of his friend and scar chain leader Nagi,(or in this case Owl.) as he leaves. Mean while Tamaki(the prison's promoter) devises a sick twisted plan by announcing to the world that the dead men exist, while the prisoner health examination was going on, which make's the warden Makina suspicious wondering what Tamaki has up his sleeve by announcing to the world of the dead men and the carnaval of corpse's, so she devises her own little plan.
mean while we return to Ganta who is now sitting in his cell with shiro who is sitting there trying to cheer him up but to no avail, that is until she seeks help from other dead men. while that is going on Ganta meets up with senji(i.e crow) and expresses his fears only to have senji turn around and give him some harsh cold hearted advice. Which I'm guessing doesn't quiet exactly sink in to his head at the moment?.
then cutting to another area of the prison( the infirmary) where a new character prisoner 3733 Azami Mido is getting a check up, and a booster shot for some unknown reason. then afterwards she gets called to Warden Makina's office where she let's her in on her plans, and tells her about G ward and that she was the next test subject in a unknown experiment then hands her over a tracking device.
then we cut to later that night where Ganta wakes up slightly in pain and decides to get up and take a walk out of his cell, while taking a walk out in the hall he notice's a light on in the kitchen and see's Shiro baking trying to make him a snack that would ultimately cheer him up.
as he stood there watching her he worries about Shiro and then remembers what senji said to him hours earlier then quietly goes back to bed
the next morning he then wakes up with Shiro sleeping on the floor beside the snacks she made and they both end up eating the snacks together.
then down in the cafeteria one of the other prisoners complains about his arm being itchy where he got the booster shot, and at the same time we cut back to the infirmary where the doctor is looking at one of the syringes with a small partial of unknown substances in it.
then a month later Tamaki is talking to one of his colleagues who is explaining that he can only do so much to keep their superior's quiet about the fact that Tamaki revealed to the world of the dead men's existence and then he asks Tamaki what is so funny and Tamaki tells him that he would find out at the next press conference they were having afterwards Makina finds out that G ward is open and the deadmen are out side.
while outside Ganta be friends Azami which is soon lived because she ends up going back to the infirmary and vanishing which worries Ganta then later on Shiro and Ganta train with Senji which btw this is where Shiro also finds out that she to is a dead man but no one notice's while watching another of Tamaki's sick idea over the T.V screen where he tell's the world once again about the dead men and how they fight every night in what they call the carnavel of corpse then after that he introduce's the existence of the fake Dead men known to everyone as The Ninben.
after the showing we return back to the infirmary to see the ninben sitting in a chair shivering and the doctor walks up and removes their mask revealing Azami...

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