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Cover revealing and well a small announcement pertaining to the cover I am about to reveal.

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Hello, everyone, it's been awhile since I last posted on this site, but anyway, I thought I would grace everyone's presence with this...

The cover of my new book or in this case comic book.

Born Damned

which can be viewed on both Wattpad and Tapastic at this point in time



copyright by Jessica Reader(c)2016


And if you are wondering what this story is about?  well it is about a man named Hazael(haz) Davis, who was born with special gifts that he utilizes as a consultant and private detective  for both the living and the dead and sometimes a variety supernatural beings. Which eventually leads him down a rabbit hole, to find out, more about his mysterious past, which some might say is supernatural.




((The Trailer:TBA)))

Also if you are wondering or were about to ask, the answer is yes I did draw the cover of the book as well.


for once I don't have a review to post, anyway this video is a book trailer of my very first short stories book that is currently ongoing and being view at www.wattpad.com


anyway as for the book it is a compilation of short stories and poems that touch on all things dark, supernatural and some very serious topics that were and are very real, and in all honesty, not for the light-hearted.


anyway updates are every two to three weeks, latest a month.


Le Chevalier D'eon

Le Chevalier d'Eon 1 - Kiriko Yumeji, To Ubukata





Publishers: Kodansha- Delray


years published: 2005-2007


story and art by: Tou Ubukata and Kiriko Yumeji


My thoughts:

the artwork though not accurate to 18th-century french attire was superb and very well done, same goes with the story which was very well thought out except what I don't seem to understand is why they call the main character's sister Lia De Beaumont the Chevalier sphinx in the manga when in the anime which is based off, of the manga they just call her either D'eon's sister or they call her by her name. not to mention they even changed quite a few things around adding and subtracting characters, I mean in the manga it's just D'eon, robin and their cat Nell and Lia whereas in the anime they have D'eon, Lia, robin and two of the musketeers, in fact the plot with those characters play's more on the musketeers theme then the original story which does not make any sense to me? but setting that part aside both stories are very, very good.


Synopsis: Enter D'eon De Beaumont an Agent of Le secret du roi, who is charged by his majesty Louis XIV, to find the mysterious cult known as Palms, and gain information on why they are sacrificing beautiful young virgin women, just like D'eon elder sister Lia De Beaumont was sacrificed. to a demonic force that has promised them the kingdom of France by bringing about a revolution in exchange for the blood of their victims, and in order to find out who killed his sister, D'eon must invoke her spirit and defeat the evil poets who threaten the kingdom of France and to find the mastermind behind the infamous cult.


interesting information:

D'eon De Beaumont was, in fact, real

he was a french spy, and just like in the story a member of Le secret du Roi, who also had a penchant for being the best swordsman in France, and he was also famous for being a well know cross dresser as well which came in handy when he successfully infiltrated the court of Empress Elizabeth of Russia, by presenting himself as a woman for about 33 years, which thereby basically living as a woman for a good part of his life. He also often claimed however to others that he was born as a woman and raised as a man which sparked the rumour on what his actual gender was, he even went so far as trying to convince the french government to legally recognize him as a woman, to which king Louis XIV consented as long as D'eon continued to dress like a woman.

it was only after D'eon's death at postmortem that his gender was in fact revealed to be male.


(the history information was found on the internet and various books on the subject)



Translucent vol 1

Translucent, Volume 1 - Kazuhiro Okamoto


Publisher: Dark horse Manga


Year published: 2005-2007


story and art by: Kazuhiro Okamoto


My thoughts: Okay, my thoughts about this manga, is that it is very well done and is a very good coming of age story.

I also get the feeling that the creator wanted to make the reader feel, when they were reading the story the same way that some children feel when they are going through a phase in their life feeling invisible like they are not being heard, which also explains that some find it as a curse where others might find it as a blessing and so on. but unfortunately when I read this story, I never really got that feeling. not to mention it reminds me of a few other stories that I have read as well.


Art, however, Best I can say, and it shames me to say this because I normally don't like commenting on others artwork like this, but the artwork was not very well done, I mean while reading the story the artwork on the characters was pretty distracting I mean I did not exactly know if this was directed at 12-year-olds or younger than that. I mean to be extremely seriously honest it looks as though they left the story at the manuscript sketching stages which did not make it at all look professional in my opinion, but though I will admit that I have seen worse,


all in all, I think the concept of the story was very good but again just in my opinion it was poorly planned out, hopefully, the others will turn out better


Synopsis; the story is about Eighth grader Shizuka Shiroyama, who is an introvert, dealing with school woes, bossy peers and a medical condition known to everyone as Translucent Syndrome which causes her to periodically turn semi-transparent or completely invisible. Though one of her classmates. the hyperactive Mamoru Tadami is falling in love with her despite her problem and has dogged determination and unconditional support to bring hope into Shizuka's life, as she struggles to overcome her difficulties, as her illness becomes a metaphor in the ordinary lives of her classmates and friends, as they try to work their way through life and relationships.


Black Lagoon Vol 1

Black Lagoon, Volume 1 - Rei Hiroe



shogakugan and viz media

Year published:


story and art by:

Rei Hiroe


My thoughts:

Black lagoon, is one series whether it be the manga or anime, that I would recommend to anyone.

but since I am doing a review for the manga I would have to say that the art and the action of the book are very well crisp and detailed, which is something that I could picture seeing as a live-action.

as for the story I will admit it started out slightly bland at first but as I read on, I started to get even more interested.



The story starts out with Rokuro Okajima who is just an average Japanese salaryman, living a normal life. but all that changes when his company asks him to deliver a disk to another of his companies branch, Wherein the midst of delivering the package to the destination, the ship he was on is high jacked by a rouge courier group named, Black lagoon traders, who were contracted by Balalaika of hotel Moscow, leader of the Russian Mafia.

While leaving the boat, one of the lagoon traders takes Rokuro as a potential hostage in order to get more money since they were only getting paid twenty grand for the job they were already on. which after stopping off in Roanapur for a break, they later find out from Balalaika that she would like to change the drop off point, and taking Rokuro as a hostage was a waste of time since his company decided to send out a strike team to either retrieve or destroy the disk he was carrying.

which soon after escaping the strike team's attack, The lagoon traders take Rokuro, now known as Rock back to their ship. while out on the water, now knowing that Rock's company has no intentions of complying to the mafia about the disk, The Lagoon Traders try to contact Rokuro's company to see if they would take him back. which also backfired, as well when the strike team show's up once again.

trying to escape, rock comes up with an idea to get rid of them once and for all by playing chicken and blowing them to the moon.

surviving their encounter, the traders make it to the new drop-off point where they meet both Balalaika and one of the executives from Rock's company who actually invites him back to the company. where in turn Rock refuses and ends up joining the Lagoon trader's

Anyway, in the second half of the manga they introduce Roberta the mercenary maid to the Lovelace family who is in search for her young master who was kidnapped by the drug cartel and handed over to the lagoon traders to be transported elsewhere.

and in order to find out what happens next I suggest you go out and by a copy of the book Or read it online.

Le portrait du petite Cossette vol 1

Le Portrait de Petite Cossette 1 - Asuka Katsura, 桂明日香




kodansha , Tokyopop

Page count:

168 pages (not excluding advertisements)

Year published:



My thoughts:

the artwork is very well done. The story is also very fast paced which does not take you very long to read, and the only pet peeve I would have to say is that the story is considerably short. It leaves a slight cliff hanger at the end  of volume two that makes me want to continue when that is unfortunately where it ends, other than that it is a good story and I would recommend it to anyone who is into ghost story/ drama related stories.


the synopsis of the story:

When Eiri Kurahashi, an art student who works part-time in an antique shop,  comes across a portrait of a girl named  Cossette on sale in the store, her spirit appears in front of him, asking him to save her. Afterward becoming obsessed with her he finds out like all of the other antiques in the store even her own portrait has a gruesome tragic story attached to it: with all of the portraits previous owners being murdered in one bizarre way or another.



Eternal Sabbath

ES Vol. 1: Eternal Sabbath (ES: Eternal Sabbath) - Fuyumi Soryo

first off..

my thoughts on the book: art work is as per-usual very good, the story is very catchy, which I know to some people that's completely irrelevant, but usually when I am sitting here reading a manga it takes me not long to read, where as with this series so far its taken me half an hour.


also forgot to mention that this book is not for kids under the ages of 14


synopsis of the story:

Ryousuke Akiba or Shuro, or ES (Eternal Sabbath) is a human who was genetically created in a hygenic's lab in order to study eternal youth.

Ryousuke will live to be at least two decades old, possessing strange mental powers, entering peoples minds, discovering their deepest darkest secrets, and even rearrange a persons memories for survival instincts, getting people to act as though he were a friend or a family member, as he wanders the streets of Tokyo for reasons unknown only to him,


no one recognizes him until he meets a woman researcher Dr. Mine Kujyou, a

determined researcher who challenges everything she knows about science.  








Ghost Talker Day Dream

Sasaki Misaki,

is your garden variety girl, working hard holding down two jobs to make a living, which is fairly normal,considering that she also moonlites as a necromancer, for her father's agency called The Tokyo Metropolitan Quality Of Life Section, and if that isn't odd enough for you she's also an albino and a virgin.







Coraline - Neil Gaiman


My thoughts, The book was stunning and in my opinion way better then the movie, not to mention the illustrations were very well done and might I add slightly creepy, which I found very interesting.

As for what the book is about.

It is about a young girl named Coraline Jones who’s moved into this big Adams like family house, to where after awhile she finds a mysterious door in the drawing room, of the house.

when she opens it the first time, on the other side its all bricked up. but when she opens it a second time that day how ever, instead of the wall being bricked up, this time it was a portal to another world, entering. she comes face to face with her other mother and father that she thought would replace the ones in her old boring life, that is until she finds out that everything is not at all as she seems when she finds out that her other mother was non other then a witch called the beldam. Who had every intentions of keeping her there in that tiny little world forever, but Coraline manages to out wit the beldam and escape with her parents and the three dead children that came before her.


(show spoiler)


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/677396874

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 1

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 1 - Housui Yamazaki, Eiji Otsuka Your body their business
The Kurosagi corpse deliver service is a small business, that pertains to the dead and their last request, whether it be conveying their last messages to a loved one or seeking revenge from beyond the grave, as long as it's for a price.

Dante's Divine Comedy: Inferno

Dante's Divine Comedy: Inferno - Arcturus honestly I have read both Dante's divine comedy:inferno both in English and it's original format Italian.
and from the general gist of what I have gotten, Dante's inferno is the first part of his 14th century poem about Dante's journey through hell to save his beloved Beatrice, now in most versions. It is Virgil a roman poet who guides Dante through hell, and in others it is Beatrice who guides him because in life Virgil was a pagan and according to religious believes at that time Pagan's were not allowed to enter paradise.

now just an add on here if no one was ever told this but it is said that this story is about Dante's love for a woman named Beatrice Portinari who he met when he was nine years old and instantly fell in love with her and remand so even up until the day she died three years after her marriage to another man in June 1290 and most likely up until Dante;s own death in 1321 of September.

now with the second paragraph that I have written here there is no hard core proof that the story is exactly based on an actual event in Dante Alighieri's life so if you wish to study this hypothesis further then by all means though you will find this guess/fact around the internet and in some books on the subject

Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 6

Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 6 - Kazuma Kondou, Jinsei Kataoka deadman wonderland is one of the most interesting manga that I have had the pleasure of reading so far.
this story is about Ganta igurashi a 14 year old boy who has had a run in with a being he called the red man. Who attacks him and his classmates which leaves Ganta as the sole survivor in the end, who tells them that he knows who the killer is but ends up falsely accused himself of doing the deed. Which lands him in a fully run maximum prison called dead man wonderland which was also open to the public as a carnavel tourist attraction.

in this volume
Ganta is thrown into the prison's hold, after being caught he refused to give up the whereabouts or the reason for his friends from the scar chain gang escaping, a week passes, and he is released and sent back to his cell. still reeling from the death of his friend and scar chain leader Nagi,(or in this case Owl.) as he leaves. Mean while Tamaki(the prison's promoter) devises a sick twisted plan by announcing to the world that the dead men exist, while the prisoner health examination was going on, which make's the warden Makina suspicious wondering what Tamaki has up his sleeve by announcing to the world of the dead men and the carnaval of corpse's, so she devises her own little plan.
mean while we return to Ganta who is now sitting in his cell with shiro who is sitting there trying to cheer him up but to no avail, that is until she seeks help from other dead men. while that is going on Ganta meets up with senji(i.e crow) and expresses his fears only to have senji turn around and give him some harsh cold hearted advice. Which I'm guessing doesn't quiet exactly sink in to his head at the moment?.
then cutting to another area of the prison( the infirmary) where a new character prisoner 3733 Azami Mido is getting a check up, and a booster shot for some unknown reason. then afterwards she gets called to Warden Makina's office where she let's her in on her plans, and tells her about G ward and that she was the next test subject in a unknown experiment then hands her over a tracking device.
then we cut to later that night where Ganta wakes up slightly in pain and decides to get up and take a walk out of his cell, while taking a walk out in the hall he notice's a light on in the kitchen and see's Shiro baking trying to make him a snack that would ultimately cheer him up.
as he stood there watching her he worries about Shiro and then remembers what senji said to him hours earlier then quietly goes back to bed
the next morning he then wakes up with Shiro sleeping on the floor beside the snacks she made and they both end up eating the snacks together.
then down in the cafeteria one of the other prisoners complains about his arm being itchy where he got the booster shot, and at the same time we cut back to the infirmary where the doctor is looking at one of the syringes with a small partial of unknown substances in it.
then a month later Tamaki is talking to one of his colleagues who is explaining that he can only do so much to keep their superior's quiet about the fact that Tamaki revealed to the world of the dead men's existence and then he asks Tamaki what is so funny and Tamaki tells him that he would find out at the next press conference they were having afterwards Makina finds out that G ward is open and the deadmen are out side.
while outside Ganta be friends Azami which is soon lived because she ends up going back to the infirmary and vanishing which worries Ganta then later on Shiro and Ganta train with Senji which btw this is where Shiro also finds out that she to is a dead man but no one notice's while watching another of Tamaki's sick idea over the T.V screen where he tell's the world once again about the dead men and how they fight every night in what they call the carnavel of corpse then after that he introduce's the existence of the fake Dead men known to everyone as The Ninben.
after the showing we return back to the infirmary to see the ninben sitting in a chair shivering and the doctor walks up and removes their mask revealing Azami...

((this is an update slightly condensed so it might look a bit weird might come back and fix it again one day))

The Green Mile

The Green Mile - Stephen King The green mile is one of the saddest Stephen king books that I have ever read and in my opinion deserves a five star rating, now I know that I'm suppose to write a lengthy review about this book in this little box here but the thing is this book is the type of book that you would have to read you're self in order to understand how really good it truly is and the best I can possibly explain is that this book talks about how everyone walks their own green mile when the time comes for them to go...

Love Hina, Vol. 02

Love Hina, Vol. 02 - Ken Akamatsu Love hina is one of my favorite Manga titles its got a little of this and that in it and is really enjoyable to read in my opinion it is one of the best Manga that Ken Akamatsu has created.


Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman My Thoughts: Honestly when I started reading this book at the beginning, I thought it was a bit boring, and that’s technically saying a lot about Mr Gaiman’s work since his stuff to me is never boring,

But even though I will admit it was a bit boring at the beginning, as you read on it starts to get really interesting and just basically sucks you into the story,


When Richard Mayhew, a regular office worker a soon to be married man, runs into a young woman named Door, who claimed to be from a place called London below, who prior to meeting him was on the run from a bunch of thugs who killed her family for some Unknown reasons.

though on the day that Richard and Door meet, she is practically unconscious on the street covered in her own blood, which concerns Richard greatly and prompts him to help her but when he does, he has no idea what he is getting himself into.

Due to the fact that after he does help her, his engagement gets called off, and the thugs Mr. croup and Mr. Vandamar show up at his door step looking for door, which lands him on their next list of targets, not to mention he gets basically hooked into helping door once more in locating a friend known as the Marquis de Carabass, to double as her body guard for her.

And as Richard procures what she asks for, she then breaks even more bad news to him afterwards that because he helped her, no one in his daily life would remember that he ever existed, even if he tries to talk to them they would not remember it five minutes later, heck the next day his landlord even tries to rent his apartment out while Richard is still living in it, plus losing his cushy office job in the process.

anyway I would continue this review but then that means I would be ruining the book so if you want to find out about the rest just read Neverwhere:)

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